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Developing the Standard Operating Procedures For Your Security Company


When starting a new security company, it is important to create standard operating procedures (SOPs) to ensure that all aspects of the business are run smoothly. SOPs are a set of written instructions that cover how a task is to be performed. They standardize the way things are done in your company, which can improve efficiency.


What Are Standard Operating Procedures?

SOPs can help new employees learn the ropes quickly, and ensure that all tasks are performed uniformly across your company. They become a useful reference for experienced employees. By standardizing the way tasks are performed, you can avoid confusion and ensure that all employees are doing things the same way (and the right way!). This can improve efficiency and help to prevent mistakes.

In addition, SOPs can also help to improve communication between employees and management.


How Do SOPs Impact Security Guard Staff?

SOPs play a particularly important role in security companies, as they govern how security guards perform their duties. Security guard staff must be well-trained in order to carry out their responsibilities effectively.

For example, a common standard operating procedure is to have all security personnel arrive at their post 15 minutes before their shift is scheduled to begin.

SOPs can have a positive or negative impact on security guards, depending on how they are written and implemented. If SOPs are clear and easy to follow, they can help to improve a security guard’s efficiency. However, if SOPs are too restrictive or difficult to follow, they can lead to frustration and decreased morale among security guards.


Steps for Developing SOPs

The following steps help new security owners create systems for their business through SOPs.

  1. Define the scope of your SOPs. What tasks do you want to standardize?
  2. Write down the steps required to complete each task. Be as specific as possible.
  3. Create a draft of your SOPs and circulate it among employees for feedback.
  4. Revise your SOPs based on feedback received.
  5. Implement your SOPs in your company.

After you have written standard operating procedures for your security company, it’s time to implement them. Implementing SOPs can be a challenge, especially if you have a large staff.  New businesses can include the SOPs in the employee handbook to ensure they become a habit from day one.


Elements to Include in a Security Personnel SOP

To make them effective, each SOP requires the following elements:

  1. Introduction: Include an overview of the purpose of the SOP and its intended audience.
  2. Procedures: List the steps required to complete each task in a clear and concise manner.
  3. Responsibilities: Assign specific roles and responsibilities for each step of the procedure.

These elements help keep your team on the same page.


Examples of Common SOPs for Security Guard Staff

To help you develop SOPs for your security guard staff, let’s look at common examples.

– Reporting any security breaches or incidents immediately

– Following standard safety procedures when responding to an emergency

– Carrying out patrols of the premises as scheduled

– Contacting the security supervisor if there is a problem or question

If something goes sideways for your security guard staff while they are in the field, they should know how to handle it.



Creating standard operating procedures (SOPs) for your security company is an important step in ensuring that all aspects of the business are run smoothly. SOPs standardize the way tasks are performed, which can improve efficiency and prevent mistakes. They can also help to improve communication between employees and management.